Receive 6 fresh, homemade and totally indulgent brownies through the post straight to your letterbox, ideal to treat yourself or a loved one.  


Mmmmm, imagine that... fresh baked brownies, delivered to your front door, without even having to leave the sofa....!

VEGAN Brownie Box

SKU: 0002
  • 6 brownies wrapped in tissue and packaged in a recyclable box.  Approx. weight of each brownie: 90g.  Price includes postage and packaging.


    You can select up to two flavours in your brownie box, and will receive 3 of each.  Use the drop down menus to select your two flavours. If, for example, you want 3 original brownies and 3 caramel blondies, just select 'original brownies' for Flavour 1 and 'caramel blondies' for Flavour 2.  If you want all 6 to be the same flavour, just select the same flavour for both Flavour 1 and Flavour 2 - easy peasy!!